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6 Foods to Avoid During Self-Isolation

April 29, 2020

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person snacking in their bed and watching movies on their laptopSelf-isolation can be a taxing experience, especially if you aren’t prepared to handle the mental stress that comes with staying in your home whenever possible. You may find that your daily schedule is non-existent and some of your habits have started to change. While certain change is inevitable, it’s still important to be mindful of maintaining a nutritious diet that helps boost your immune system and fortify your teeth and gums until you’re able to see your dentist again. Instead of ending up with an unexpected visit to your emergency dentist in Rochester, read on to learn what six foods you should be avoiding during self-isolation. (more…)

4 Reasons to Visit Your Emergency Dentist Instead of an ER During COVID-19

April 25, 2020

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worried person calling their emergency dentist in RochesterIf you find yourself in the midst of a dental emergency, it can be difficult to have to make the decision of whether to visit your local ER or your emergency dentist in Rochester. If you’re experiencing a life-threatening situation, such as difficulty breathing and swallowing or a broken or fractured jaw, you’ll need medical attention before your dentist can address your dental problems. However, for most other situations, your emergency dentist’s office is the safest place you can get treated during COVID-19, and here’s why. (more…)

Urgent & Nonurgent Dental Emergencies: The Vital Difference

March 26, 2020

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Woman in white shirt who needs emergency dentist in RochesterDuring the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it’s important to limit your exposure to others as much as possible. But what if a dental emergency occurs? What should you do next? Some dental emergencies require immediate attention, but in other cases, it’s best to stay at home. Keep reading to learn when you should see your emergency dentist in Rochester and what you can do on your own to get out of pain and back to comfort.


Ways to Improve Your Oral Hygiene Routine While at Home

March 10, 2020

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a young woman with dark hair standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing her teethCOVID-19, also known as coronavirus, is causing people to change the way they live, work, and function. While it may be altering much of your daily life, the question remains, “Are you still rushing through your morning and nighttime oral hygiene routine even though you’re at home more?” If the answer is “yes,” listen to a dentist in Rochester explain why now, when the world is being told to stay at home, is the best time to reevaluate your dental habits and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Practicing great oral hygiene now will help you avoid most dental issues during quarantine, which is great since the majority of dentists are largely closed.


5 Oral Health Tips From a Children’s Dentist

February 2, 2020

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parent brushing their teeth next to their childAre you worried about your little one’s oral health? When you dedicate time towards helping them build healthy dental habits early on, you can increase the chances that they stick with them as adults. Your child’s smile is priceless, which is why it’s important that you help them preserve it. Read on for five oral health tips from a children’s dentist in Greece to ward off the threat of lingering cavities and infections. (more…)

Why You Should Make Dental Resolutions in 2020

January 3, 2020

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a young woman smiling with her arms foldedThere’s nothing better than walking out of a dentist’s office with a clean, refreshing smile. You might find yourself running your tongue back and forth across your teeth, smiling because of the way it looks and feels. But if it’s been a while since you’ve had that experience, it’s time to consider how a regular teeth cleaning in Greece can put you back on track and on your way to better oral health in 2020. Take some time to learn why there’s no better time than now to get serious about your teeth and gums and what you can do to improve them this year.


Get a Merry and Bright Smile This Holiday Season with Teeth Whitening

December 1, 2019

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woman smiling and wearing Santa hat

Did you know that your smile is one of the first things that someone notices about you? That’s why it’s important that you’re not afraid to show it off. This holiday season, give yourself or someone you love the gift of professional teeth whitening near Greece, NY. You can improve your self-confidence and get the smile you’ve always wanted, just in time for the holidays. Read more to learn just how teeth whitening works.


Why You Should Visit the Dentist Before 2020

November 2, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — vollodentalgroup @ 1:37 pm

piggy bank with dollar sticking out It’s hard to believe, but your calendar isn’t lying to you—the year is almost over! Might as well wait until next year to see your dentist near Greece, right? Wrong. Your dental insurance benefits from 2019 will not rollover into 2020, meaning all the premiums you’ve already paid will be completely wasted! Fortunately, there is still time to schedule an appointment and get the most out of your plan, and here are the two most effective ways to do it. (more…)

Want a Healthier Smile? Here Are 4 Benefits to Having Good Oral Hygiene

October 3, 2019

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a woman sitting in the dentist chair smilingUnsure how to best care for your teeth and gums? What about your tongue or your overall health? October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which means, your dentist is eager to discuss the benefits that come with a healthy mouth. Although a regular cleaning and dental checkup in Rochester are vitally important, so is your ability to take the appropriate steps at home to take care of your mouth and body. Hear from an expert who explains what you can to improve your oral health this month. (more…)

5 Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy During National Gum Care Month

September 30, 2019

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scaler pointing towards gumsYour gums are the healthy and strong foundation that hold your teeth to stay in place and allow you to easily complete daily functions like chewing. Unfortunately, common oral health problems like gum disease can wreak havoc on your mouth and even affect other parts of your body like your heart and respiratory system. In honor of National Gum Care Month, your dentist in Rochester offers five ways you can keep your gums in tip-top shape below. (more…)

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