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Should I Replace My Metal Dental Crown with a Metal-Free One?

September 13, 2023

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Dental crowns have been used to restore compromised teeth for centuries, but modern advances in dentistry have only made them better. Older crowns were made of metal because it was the only material available for a long time. However, a modern ceramic dental crown can now do everything an old-fashioned metal one could while being completely indistinguishable from natural teeth. Here are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your metal dental crowns with modern ceramic restorations.

Metal Dental Crowns Can Create an Aged Appearance

Dentists don’t often give patients metal crowns anymore, so having one can lead the people around you to think that you’re old. To make things more difficult, metal crowns are quite conspicuous when the rest of the smile is a natural pearly white. By contrast, ceramic crowns are customized so they match the color, luster, and shape of your natural teeth.

Metal Crowns Can Cause Sensitivity in Your Teeth

Metals are great at conducting heat and readily expand and contract in response to temperature changes. If you enjoy hot or cold drinks, metal dental crowns can carry that temperature change to the teeth they cover, resulting in an uncomfortable strain. This stress is magnified if you are enjoying items of different temperatures (think fresh pizza and cold soda). Ceramic crowns, on the other hand, retain their shape in different temperatures and provide your teeth with insulation from temperature changes.

Metal Crowns Can Cause Magnetic Interference

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is commonly used to provide doctors with a clearer image of your body’s inner workings. Unfortunately, magnetically reactive metals in your body can interfere with the imaging process. The magnetic force can sometimes cause a dental crown to fly off its tooth, potentially causing a projectile injury. These concerns can lead a doctor to order your crowns removed before an MRI during a medical emergency.

Metal Dental Crowns Can Cause Corrosion in Dental Implants

While the titanium used in dental implants is not affected by magnetic fields, it can contribute to an electric current in your mouth. A galvanic current happens when two unlike metals come together in a liquid containing dissolved ions, such as saliva. This current can weaken one of these metals over time and can cause the titanium in a dental implant to rust.

Metal-free dental crowns are superior to metal ones in both appearance and function, and they can last for up to twenty years with proper care. Consulting with your dentist can determine if replacing your old metal restorations with metal-free ones is right for you.

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